"Avenue PR is a valued partner of AG Hair. We adore the familial relationship that we have built over the past four years. It’s clear that the dynamic, female-led team is a group of natural connectors that have the innate ability to create meaningful relationships with everyone they meet. We couldn’t be more pleased with the people and opportunities that Avenue has introduced us to. Not only does Avenue amplify our message with each product launch, but they have connected AG with key businesses to form extremely successful partnerships. Avenue has secured media coverage across North America that has been instrumental in our success. We love working with the team and look forward to growing together."

- Kris Blizzard, VP, Creative, AG HAIR

The Avenue PR Team has been a perfect fit for One Girl Can. Delivering results is critical to a NFP organization with a limited budget, and they deliver consistently on this front. But the team goes well beyond our expectations to solicit silent and live auction items for our annual gala fundraiser, and volunteer their time at the event to manage the press, and enhance social media. The team collectively and individually also sponsor girls in Africa. What Avenue PR does is highly professional and well-executed from a business perspective, but what we love about them is that they genuinely value us as clients and go out of their way to create trust and value in the relationship.

- Lotte Davis, CEO & Founder, One Girl Can

“I cannot say enough positive things about Arts Umbrella’s experience working with the talented team at Avenue PR. They bring a high-level of strategic support, creativity, and professionalism to each project we present to them and exceed expectations. We have experienced a significant increase in PR coverage since we began working together in 2015. I consider Avenue PR an Arts Umbrella partner and champion, and I have no hesitation in recommending their services.”

- Heather Altas, Senior Director, Development, Arts Umbrella

“Over the past few years, I’ve watched Avenue PR grow into a formidable force in Vancouver’s PR world. Sam, Tiffany and their team consistently deliver quality guests, and their enthusiasm and passion for their clients is obvious. I always have fun collaborating with this talented group of women.”

- Chris Flak –Senior Producer, CP24

“The team at Avenue PR know the restaurant industry inside-out. They also understand the needs of journalists and are always helpful, without being intrusive. A genuine pleasure to work with.”

- Alexandra Gill – Freelance, Food & Travel

“Avenue PR's team is a pleasure to work with. They have been wonderfully helpful in ensuring we have access to their clients for in-person experiences, as well as getting us crucial materials for editorial coverage, such as recipes, interviews, and photographs. The team makes their pitches personal and well-tailored to our publication, and have helped us get some successful and original content on our site. Their media events are thoughtful, well-organized, and bring together a top-notch array of local and relevant media from all branches of the industry.”

- Lindsay William-Ross - Senior Writer, VancouverIsAwesome

"I have loved working with the Avenue PR ladies. Not only do they consistently have a great bunch of clients that I am eager to work with, they are excellent as far as communication goes, goal-oriented, and very well-organized. Whenever I see Tiffany or Gemma's name in my inbox, I know the project is going to be fun and exciting.”

- Erin Ireland – Influencer, To Die for Vancouver

“I have worked with the team at Avenue PR, both as individuals and more recently as a team, for several years now, and I have nothing but the highest praise for the work they do. They truly understand the needs of those of us who work in the media, and in my experience, never fail to come through with exactly what we require. Avenue PR is a team that truly gets it, whether ‘it’ is the elements that make for a great story, or whether ‘it’ is simply the mechanics of getting that story done.”

- Joanne Sasvari – Travel and Food Writer/Editor

“As a writer for publications such as the National Post and The Globe and Mail, I work with many PR agencies, but they're not all the same. For me, I get the best results when I work with agencies that take the time to understand my needs. Simply put, it's about building relationships based on trust. Avenue PR understands this the way only the best agencies do, which is why I love working with them (as do so many of my colleagues across the country).”

- Alyssa Schwartz, Freelance Travel Writer

I’ve worked with Avenue PR for many years and have always been impressed by the professionalism of the entire team. They facilitate (and often anticipate) my needs and are an absolute pleasure to work with. Furthermore, they present me with story ideas that prove they have a true understanding of my audience.

- Janine Verreault – Editor, BC Living

“I’ve worked with Samantha Geer and more recently her team at Avenue PR for about 15 years, and in my opinion there’s no one better in the business for creative ideas and excellent execution. As a busy food and travel writer, deadlines are often looming, and the Avenue PR team always gets me what I need when I need it. I trust their work and know that I’m never going to be left hanging when I’m in their hands. Professional and fun, these are people I enjoy working with and I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for representation.”

- Amy Rosen – Freelance, Travel and Food