Areas of Focus  

& Beauty

Avenue PR’s past and present client list boasts a wide range of fashion and lifestyle brands, whether luxury or independent. We continually keep up with trend forecasting to ensure that our client coverage always aligns with the most current trends in the industry.

and Food &

Our team of PR specialists has worked with restaurants from all over the country, successfully delivering their vision to the most important media. From restaurant openings and menu launches to collaboration dinners to special events, we provide the right marketing initiatives to get people buzzing about you.

Travel &

We’re proud to have managed some of the most highly rated destinations and accommodations in picturesque B.C., including Vancouver, Whistler, Tofino, Ucluelet and the Okanagan. We will put your hotel or destination on the map as one not to be missed.


From niche to big-box retailers, Avenue PR implements strategic public relations campaigns tailored to impact our clients’ target audiences and drive consumer sales. Allow us to share your story and connect top-tier media with your customers.

Fashion & Jewelry

Our notable fashion and jewelry clients prove that Avenue PR knows how to tell their stories in a way that really resonates. Whether you’re e-comm only, or part of a large, multi-location brand, let us turn our passion for all things personal style into a PR strategy that works.

Community &

Avenue PR believes in building brands that have an impact within communities. From the creative arts to female empowerment, our PR specialists can help enhance community awareness and cultivate media exposure to those who deserve it most.


Strategic PR Planning

Starting with the end goal in mind is an essential PR strategy and one that we employ in everything we do. At Avenue PR we are always thinking one step ahead, keeping in mind important trends and marketing initiatives to ensure that our clients stand out from their competitors.

Public Relations

With emphasis on results-oriented media strategies and targeted promotions, Avenue PR customizes every public relations program to each client’s unique business goals. This foundation allows us to develop innovative campaigns that are sure to generate exposure, increase brand recognition and ultimately drive sales and revenue.

Reputation Management/
Brand Positioning

Reputation management is something we’re proud to say we do extremely well. Avenue PR will be an integral partner in helping you enhance your reputation and manage the public’s perception of your brand, which is a crucial factor in protecting and growing your company’s vision.

Media Relations

A good relationship with the media is key to any successful PR strategy. We cultivate connections with journalists, ensuring they have all the information to spread your brand’s message. We showcase our clients with worldwide exposure by using traditional and new media, including television, newspapers, magazines, social media and more.

Social + Digital Media

From building a social presence from scratch to launching an ongoing campaign, we provide social media solutions sure to catch people’s attention and build a strong online presence.

Events Management

From start to finish, Avenue PR offers the entire package of event coordination. Using creative strategies and a wide range of materials, we see to it that your event is perfectly executed, ensuring it receives maximum exposure and is strategically targeted to the right people.

Press Material Creation

Avenue PR provides only the freshest, most compelling and pertinent material to the media. From press releases and media kits, to fact sheets and newsletters, we help our clients tell their story and connect with their target audience, delivering the most appropriate information necessary.

Community Relations

We believe a client’s relationship with the community that surrounds them is just as important as how they are portrayed in the media. From charity events to local incentive programs, Avenue PR will help facilitate events and community partnerships that reflect what matters the most.

Key Message Development

Using a combination of industry research and creativity, Avenue PR works with each client on an individual basis, in order to come up with the most practical and ideal message. We utilize every platform possible to make sure the client’s story is heard by everyone.

Strategic Partnerships/

There’s no question that collaborating with other organizations will benefit our client’s reputation and increase brand awareness. Applying our extensive knowledge of the industry, Avenue PR will take care to match the client with a company most suited to its unique goals and vision.

Influencer Marketing

Let us align your brand with the right faces. We source influencers with the right message to partner in paid and organic campaigns that will reach your target audience in a meaningful and impactful way. Avenue PR has worked with influencers on a national and international scale, creating unique and successful collaborations.